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Back to the roots...

This is how it all began. A creative energy needing an outlet. I wanted to explore all topics of which I was passionate, all in one space. Decorating and design, event planning, entertaining, cooking, fashion, gardening and the outdoors, animals (specifically dogs) wine, furniture, home décor, etc. So The Cashmere Compass blog was born. It was meant to be an expression but very quickly became something I found others enjoyed as well. Friends and family always asked me for advice over the years and encouraged me to use this avenue to be creative and maybe even inspire or even move someone along the way who may be interested in any of the same things.

You may be wondering, why The Cashmere Compass for a name. Well, it took a LONG time and A LOT of brainstorming to come up with something original and authentic to me. At the time, I had no idea or future plans for it to later become my store’s name. The point was to make it a guide, hence “compass”, for what essentially makes me, me. And anyone who knows me knows that I love all things warm, cozy and luxurious, like cashmere or anything that gives me a warm, happy feeling inside. As I explored what I wanted the blog to be, I didn’t want to give it any limitations. I wanted to post whatever had me feeling warm and happy that day. One day it could be a new candle, the next a new spicy chicken recipe, or maybe even a long walk on the lake path with my pup. It didn’t necessarily have to mean a textile or piece of clothing or a thing at all. It could very well be an action or moment I experience due to a person, an encounter with nature, food, etc.

I enjoyed blogging on the side for quite a while and eventually the opportunity for a life change occurred and I found myself exploring the possibility of opening a shop and giving this little blog some more life. And that is just what I did. After over three years of being a live storefront, I find myself once again returning to the where it all started. The how and the why of The Cashmere Compass. And now another life experience has motivated me to continue the dream of expressing myself through my passions, while also sharing them with you all who may be interested. The store continues to be a physical form of that but limits some of the topics I think we can cover. I look forward to going back to the roots of the very first days of The Cashmere Compass and hope you will enjoy the content as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more! And thank you as always for the support you continue to show me and this little dream of mine.

With warmth,


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