Interior Decorating

One of our biggest compliments is when after visiting our store, our customers ask if we can come home with them and decorate their homes. Our favorite part is when we get to answer, "Yes, absolutely!" We are pleased to offer decorating services and take great joy in helping you create a beautiful, cozy and personal space for you and your family. There are all kinds of tips and tricks that can help you enhance the spaces you live and work in for both aesthetics and function. Whether you need to decorate a whole house, have an odd room you are stumped by or just want a little sprucing up, we're here to create an interior that meets your needs.


My name is Anastasia (known as Stacey to close friends) and I live for decorating and styling.  I'm a Down to Earth Decorator- happy to order from market vendors or go bargain shopping with you! My favorite thing is to work in your sentimental items that you already have and work in some updates. The result is a happy, functional AND comfy home for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Rates are hourly. 


Please reach out to me at to start a conversation about your design needs today!


I'm also a Certified Color Expert and am available to aid you in the ever confusing world of paint colors! Rates are hourly. Please call or email to book a consultation today!