What is Consignment, you ask? Well, you provide the furniture, we provide the store-- and then we share the profits! When sold, you will get 50% of the selling price. Our store is clean, modern, smells like heaven (according to our customers') and is well cared for- a perfect stage to present your items for sale. See below for answers to your questions!


What type of items does The Cashmere Compass accept?

We are looking for the best! So that means nothing with rips, tears, stains, odors or pet hair. Items must be clean and free of dust/cobwebs. We are looking for quality furniture, lamps and wall decor. We do not accept antiques, China cabinets, entertainment centers, glassware, kitchenware, collectibles, linens, mattresses, small decor or clothing.


How do I know if my items are right for The Cashmere Compass?

We highly recommend you come for a visit to get a feel for what we carry. You can also check out our website, Instagram, Facebook or our Google photos. Your items must be approved before they are brought in.


How do I submit my items for approval?

It's super easy! Just email photos to We will evaluate and respond to you within 48 hours. We only consider items via email. We do not accommodate any walk ins. We dedicate our attention to helping customers and other tasks while in the shop. Please email photos of ALL items you'd like considered. It will not be considered if you bring it without having sent a picture. If approved, you will be sent a consignment agreement which must be signed and sent back or brought in with the item. We can recommend a professional mover if needed. If an item arrives contrary to the conditions described above, it will be rejected.

How do I get paid?

After an item is accepted, we will set a selling price. After it sells, you will receive one half of that price less tax and credit card fees if applicable. No appraisals, estimates or pricing is given prior to that. Prices are based on condition, brand, desirability, and market comparisons. Pricing is lowered as deemed necessary by The Cashmere Compass. Please keep in mind making a considerable profit is rare. Checks are sent to the mailing address you provide on your signed consignment agreement. We appreciate your patience while you wait for your check. We do not provide any updates due to high quantities of consignors and items.


What if my item doesn't sell?

Most items sell within a few months. If it does not, you can pick it up or arrange for it to be delivered back to you or donated to a local charity.