What we take: Furniture including sofas, chairs, ottomans, benches, dressers, coffee tables, nightstands, bookcases, dining tables, bar stools, etc. We also accept lamps and other home decor items such as but not limited to vases, signs, clocks, trays, pictures, paintings, mirrors, lanterns, candlesticks- you get the idea. 

What we do not take: Clothes. We do not accept antiques, curio cabinets, China cabinets, armoires, large entertainment centers, China, glassware, silverware, collectibles such as Precious Moments, Lladros, Waterford. We also do not take used pillows, blankets, mattresses or linens of any kind. 

Other Requirements: ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN and in like new condition

ZERO ODORS OF ANY KIND. Nothing will be accepted from homes with smokers. No tears, rips, scratches, stains or marks unless minor and mentioned at the time of consideration. Any item that is accepted by The Cashmere Compass via photo and then arrives in a condition not acceptable to The Cashmere Compass will be rejected. If item requires cleaning, a cleaning fee will be charged.

How it works: 

  1. Take photos of items you'd like to consign

  2. Submit photos and any info on items via email to 

  3. Wait for a response from us! We'll get back to you as quickly as possible, we promise.

  4. If you're unable to send photos, please contact us to discuss. 

Nothing will be accepted unless we've seen a photo first.

How it doesn't work:

ABSOLUTELY ZERO WALK-INS for consignment consideration are accepted.

Please call or make an appointment instead of showing up with a car load of stuff. We will not leave the store in any circumstance to look through it. ​​​Nor do we allow you to bring anything in to the store for consideration. If the photo is on your phone, please email the photo to us- do not just bring your phone in. We dedicate ourselves to helping customers and other tasks that require our presence while in the shop. This is for your best interest and ours. Thank you for understanding we must enforce this policy for all. 

Pricing: We price all items once they have been been accepted and delivered to the store for consignment. We do not provide any pricing at any time prior to receiving items. We encourage you to share any information you have as to where you purchased said item and/or what you paid for it. Original receipts are even better. We price based on the following: condition, brand, desirability, and market comparison. Pricing is adjusted every 30/60/90 days. 

Payment: We pay a 50% commission on all consignment items once sold. Checks are processed once a month. You will be notified only when a payment is ready for you. 


One of our biggest compliments is when after visiting our store, our customers ask if we can come home with them and decorate their homes. Our favorite part is when we get to answer, "Yes, absolutely!" We are pleased to offer decorating services and take great joy in helping you create a beautiful, cozy and personal space for you and your loved ones. There are all kinds of tips and tricks that can help you enhance the spaces you live and work in for both aesthetics and function. Whether you need to decorate a whole house, have an odd room you are stumped by or just want a little sprucing up, we're here to create an interior that meets your needs. We also have a Certified Color Expert available to aid you in the ever confusing world of paint colors! Rates are hourly. Please call or email to book a consultation today! See the 'About Us' page for info our designer.


Home Staging is a clever and effective marketing tool when looking to sell a home. Partial home staging services means our designer will come in and advise you as to how best to present your home to prepare it for selling. This is a 'light staging' where advice on what to remove, de-clutter, change, add, etc. will best benefit the presentation of your home. Our 15+ years in real estate qualifies us to be able to help the house really shine. Rates vary. Please contact for details.


Full home staging services involves bringing in rental furniture, lamps, decor, etc. to stage a home that may be empty and in need of inspiration to prepare it for selling. Statistics have shown that staging homes helps prospective buyers imagine themselves living there and thus are more likely to make an offer. Rates vary. Please contact us for more information. 


Estate Sales are often needed when the furniture and goods in a home need to be liquidated, usually quickly before the final sale of the home. Our team will price and stage the items in the home as well as advertise and conduct the sale so you don't have to. Our 10+ years of estate sale experiences have qualified us to make this a seamless and effective process for all of those involved. Please contact us for more specifics.

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