About Us


Hi! I'm Stacey and I have a pillow and candle obsession. No, this is not Pillows and Candles Anonymous, but it may help you better understand who I am and why I opened a store in Walworth, WI. 

Born and raised in Walworth, WI, at 18 I skipped off to sunny CA for a college education and fell in love with the sunshine and beauty that I found everywhere. Fast forward eight years and you'll find me planning and coordinating weddings in Italy (yes it was every bit as dreamy as it sounds)! After returning stateside, I planned, designed and coordinated every kind of event you could imagine. From baby showers and New Year's Eve galas, to unique weddings and Easter brunches- my creativity was being exercised a lot, and I started to realize how much I loved it. 

After years of late nights and long hours, I contemplated how I could continue that creativity and use my talents to help others with their creative visions in a more 9-5 kind of way. ENTER THE CASHMERE COMPASS. First, a blog to scratch that creative itch, but then a signature on paper indicating I had now taken over the old bank in my hometown- I was going to be a store owner!  Immediately, I thought about all the yummy things I would be ordering and styling in the shop, BUT FIRST A TOTAL renovation of the building was needed.  So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work (along with the help of some other lovely and hard working people). It must be said, I could not have done it without my mother. Speaking of her...

My mother, Ruta, is a resident of Walworth and respected realtor of 15+ years. Her connections in real estate help keep the quality consignment portion of this store flowing! You never know when a home will sell and the furniture in it needs a new home! With good taste and a keen eye, she helps me narrow down the items that are good enough to make it into the shop. While she still sells real estate full time, you can see her from time to time bopping around the shop and chatting with customers. She is also chief orchestrator of our estate sales as no one knows homes and furniture better than her!